So maybe marrow bones weren’t what Henry David Thoreau had in mind, but if you’ve never eaten the marrow from a beef, lamb, pork, or veal bone, we urge you to try! Throughout history, bone marrow has been revered in many countries as a delicacy due to its rich, meaty, and fatty flavor. Especially in European countries, marrow bones were traditionally served roasted, with a long, narrow spoons to scoop out the marrow. Nowadays, bone marrow is becoming increasingly popular in America as a delicious and rich, yet low-cost food treat. Although the bones often end up going right to the dogs (literally!), marrow is being enjoyed more and more – often served on bread or toast, spread over steak, or used for stock or flavoring soups. Osso buco, the famous Italian dish, and pot-au-feu, a French boiled beef dish, also get their rich flavors from the marrow hidden inside.

Whenever marrow is served inside of the bone – like in these dishes – a marrow spoon is almost essential. Long, narrow, and usually silver-plated, these marrow spoons fit easily into the hole of the bone and allow you to scoop out the good stuff inside. This makes eating neater, and prevents diners from having to pick up their bones and suck the marrow out – although Thoreau would be proud! At Savoir Vivre we sell these marrow spoons, which make excellent gifts for chefs, food enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy their food in style.