Looking for a neat and easy way to carve that Christmas or Easter ham? Trying to get paper thin slices of your favorite deli meat? If so, you need a ham or prosciutto holder – also called a ham or prosciutto clamp. One of our new products at Savoir Vivre, a ham holder is essential for presenting and slicing a whole ham. The ham or prosciutto holder is designed to secure the piece of meat in an adjustable brace, and hold it in place for slicing. The prosciutto holder is intended to be used with a ham or prosciutto slicing knife, which has a long, narrow, and very sharp blade that is perfect for cutting thin, precise slices of meat.

Without the proper culinary tools, slicing ham and prosciutto can be difficult, messy and aggravating! Savoir Vivre sells all of the culinary utensils and serving tools needed to properly enjoy the pleasures of gastronomy. Our prosciutto holders are being shipped now and are scheduled to arrive late-February to mid-March, so order yours today!