Looking for a neat and easy way to carve that Christmas or Easter ham? Trying to get paper thin slices of your favorite deli meat? If so, you need a ham or prosciutto holder – also called a ham or prosciutto clamp. One of our new products at Savoir Vivre, a ham holder is essential for presenting and slicing a whole ham. The ham or prosciutto holder is designed to secure the piece of meat in an adjustable brace, and hold it in place for slicing. The prosciutto holder is intended to be used with a ham or prosciutto slicing knife, which has a long, narrow, and very sharp blade that is perfect for cutting thin, precise slices of meat.

Without the proper culinary tools, slicing ham and prosciutto can be difficult, messy and aggravating! Savoir Vivre sells all of the culinary utensils and serving tools needed to properly enjoy the pleasures of gastronomy. Our prosciutto holders are being shipped now and are scheduled to arrive late-February to mid-March, so order yours today!



PHILADELPHIA, PA. – Restaurant and at-home chefs on the lookout for distinct culinary tools to lend sophistication to their tables can count on Savoir Vivre to deliver. Proving this yet again, the internet-based purveyor of unusual culinary tools and utensils has added three new and highly unusual items to its extensive line.

“Our entire product line is designed to help professional chefs, caterers and at-home cooks set their tables with distinction and sophistication,” said Carolann Atene, owner of Savoir Vivre. “The truth is that many of today’s place settings lack the beauty and refinement that was once so desired. It is our aim to assist our clients in regaining the elegance of the past in their own table settings.”

Savoir Vivre’s mission, in short, is to make hard-to-find, unusual and elegant culinary tools and utensils available to gourmets who want to create a unique dining experience, Atene said.

“We are thrilled to offer three new items that fit up to our high standards in regard to uniqueness and sophistication,” she said. “They work well with our present product line and will help our customers add a high degree of elegance to their tables.”

The first addition to Savoir Vivre’s product line is a manche-à-gigot, which is more commonly known as a leg of lamb holder. A classic French tool, the manche-à-gigot is meant to secure a shank in place for serving and carving.

“The manche-à-gigot is most certainly not a common tool, but it can serve a serious gourmet well,” Atene said. “Our manche- à -gigot, exquisitely crafted in heavy silverplate, lends sophistication to the carving process and helps chefs maintain decorum as they serve.”

The second addition to the product line is the very hard to find manche- à -cotelette. Also finely-crafted in heavy silverplate and similar in purpose to the manche-à-gigot, this tool is designed to secure smaller birds for carving. It is ideal for use with Cornish game hens, pigeons and quail.

“We have been searching high and low for the manche- à -cotelette for a very long time,” said Atene. “It is a true delight to be able to offer this high-quality, rare culinary item to our clients.”

The last of the latest additions to the product line is a prosciutto holder, also known as a ham holder or ham clamp. This unusual device is used to secure the whole ham in an adjustable brace while the thinnest pieces of meat are sliced. This distinct culinary tool is a treasure on its own, but is even more useful when purchased in conjunction with our prosciutto (ham-slicing) knife, Atene said.

To find out more about Savoir Vivre or its new products, visit www.savoirvivreutensils.com. The company routinely adds new culinary tools to its extensive line of products.

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Founded in 1993, Savoir Vivre is dedicated to helping professional and at-home chefs find the tools they need to take their presentations to the next level. The company, based in Philadelphia, seeks out and imports fine culinary products from all over the world for distribution directly to its customers in the United States.