New Products! Introducing the Manche-a-Gigot and Manche-a-Cotelette!

January 20, 2009

Savoir Vivre is pleased to introduce our newly acquired and highly anticipated new products – the manche-a-gigot and manche-a-cotelette. Each of these items is silver-plated, truly unique, and makes a great gift for those looking to properly enjoy the pleasures of gastronomy!

A manche-a-gigot, also known as a leg-of-lamb holder, is a classic French culinary tool that is used when slicing and carving lamb. The manche-a-gigot is attached to the shank and then tightened to provide a secure grip on the bone. Though not exactly a common tool, the manche-a-gigot is a great tool for the serious gourmet! Visit our site to learn more, or to purchase our manche-a-gigot.

In addition to the leg-of-lamb holder, we are also proud to offer a manche-a-cotelette. Truly a unique and hard to acquire culinary item, we have been searching for this manche-a-cotelette for quite some time! Similar in style and function to the manche-a-gigot, a manche-a-cotelette is designed to secure small birds – such as quail, pigeons and Cornish hens – for carving.

For more culinary tools, be sure to visit often, as we are always adding to our selection.


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