Gastronomy Rules

November 21, 2008

From professional chefs to at-home cooks, to lovers of fine food around the world, welcome to our blog! Our name is Savoir Vivre and our tiny corner in the world of gastronomy is made up of culinary utensils.
We get lots of queries from people who are looking for particular culinary tools and just can’t find them.  We understand.  We have the same problems ourselves trying to locate manufacturers of these items.  Many of the companies we have purchased from in the past have closed.  Often, we have to have certain items crafted ourselves.  In some situations, the dies exist for specific utensils, but the foundry isn’t producing them and it’s up to us to commission the foundry to manufacture a quantity.  This is the case with our silver plated marrow spooons  and sauce spoons.  (We now have quantities of both in stock and re-order well in advance so we always have stock as it takes the foundry four to five months to produce an order for us.)


One Response to “Gastronomy Rules”

  1. D. Ferrara Says:

    Greetings! I saw this website on a Phila. news station. It lists recipes, cost per serving PLUS nutritional info. It seemed like a good resource for anyone who is watching the scale AND their budget!!

    D. Ferrara

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